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ISD Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic of Lakewood, WA, can reduce the intensity of the pain you're feeling and eventually eliminate it all together.


What separates one acupuncturist from another is the way in which they combine meridian points to treat your ailments. Dr. Kichin Choe applies more than 60 years of expertise, based on classic teachings and modern techniques, to find the right links between your meridian points and your pain.

Effective pain relief through acupuncture

Free yourself from chronic pain

Acupuncture works well in treating a host of common complaints.

•  Lower back pain

•  Fibromyalgia

•  Headaches and migraines

•  Joint pain

•  Muscle pain

•  Menstrual cramps

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patients now


Athletes also find Dr. Choe's treatments effective. If you're a ball player, a jogger / runner, or in the martial arts, give us a call at 253-588-4800 to see how we can help you stay in the game.

Don't live your life in pain - find safe, effective relief!

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