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ISD Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic of Lakewood, WA, believes treatment works best when it's combined with a variety of approaches. One of the skills that sets Dr. Kichin Choe apart from other acupuncturists is his use of traditional herbal medicines.


Drawing on more than 60 years of training and experience, Dr. Choe customizes prescriptions based on your symptoms and problems. He then does his own herbal boiling and extraction.


Herbal medicine can provide very dynamic healing.

•  Low energy

•  High blood pressure

•  Hormonal imbalances and menstrual issues

•  Allergies and digestive disorders

•  Stress and insomnia

•  Chronic Pain

Dynamic healing through Asian herbal medicine

Popular homeopathic medicines

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Dr. Choe carries a limited number of homeopathic medicines.

•  Heel Inc.

•  DesBio

•  Chinese patent herbs (what you would find in a drug store in China)

•  Sun Chlorella (algae in pill form)


Call 253-588-4800 to ask about other products and availability.

Combine acupuncture with traditional herbal medicine

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