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Unlike Western medicine, where there is a specialist for every organ in your body, Eastern-based acupuncture, as practiced by ISD Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic of Lakewood, WA, looks at the body as a whole and works to ensure all systems are working together.


Dr. Kichin Choe will discuss your problem, your lifestyle and temperament. Then he will determine which organs are working well and which are not, and balance them out using acupuncture needles. We use only disposable needles.

Balanced acupuncture treatments

Effective relief from your ailments

Acupuncture needles are designed to help balance the flow of energy through the body along the meridian channels that connects to different organs. A number of ailments respond well to the treatments.


•  High blood pressure

•  Hormonal imbalances and menstrual problems

•  Allergies

•  Digestive disorders

•  Stress and sleep disorders

•  Pain

Call on more than 60 years of experience


As with any medical procedure, the length of your treatment will depend on your individual case and how well you follow the doctor's follow-up instructions.


Are you afraid of needles? Ask us about auricular treatments that use smaller needles along pressure points on your ear, or ask about magnetic treatments.

Take a whole-body approach

to your good health

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